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The house


The unique architecture of Atrevida will allow you to enjoy the natural surroundings from each bedroom. The four bedrooms and bathrooms on the second level are separated by a hanging garden and linked by an outside passageway constructed out of teak wood.
Thanks to the outside passageway and garden, you can relax to a tropical breeze and observe the superb plant and wildlife. On the ground floor, there are a fully-equipped kitchen and a large dining room with lovely views of the garden. A suspended walkway made of teak wood leads to the master bedroom.


The house has five bedrooms and can accommodate a maximum of ten people. Each bedroom has a walk-in closet and a private bathroom. All of the bedrooms are stylishly decorated and are furnished with a desk or vanity.
The four bedrooms on the second level are identical and have views of the garden/terrace and the treetops around the house. Two of the bedrooms are furnished with two twin-sized beds. The other two are each furnished with a queen-sized bed. All rooms are protected from insects by mosquito nets or mashrabiyas so that you can fully take advantage of the natural beauty that the property has to offer.

The fifth bedroom, which is located on the ground floor, is a luxurious master bedroom.
Furnished with a king-sized bed, a spacious bathroom, and a desk, the master bedroom includes wonderful views of the natural surroundings.
Each bedroom comes equipped with a ceiling fan. The kitchen is fully equipped. The kitchen/dining room/living room area is designed to be a comfortable interior with beautiful views of the exterior to optimize your experience.
There are two eight-person tables to sit down at for a succulent dinner prepared by our cook if you choose.

Photo gallery of Atrevida

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