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Photo gallery

Costa Rica has a large amount of protected land (25% of the country) which favors the survival of endangered species. There are roughly 15,000 butterfly species, 800 bird species, and numerous reptile and mammal species. The photos below will give you a peak of what you might see around Atrevida

galerie photo

Land Animals

capucin héron Flamands roses bleu-140 bleu-145 bleu-271 bleu-282 bleu-285 bleu-614 bleu 17 bleu 140 bleu 178 bleu 189 bleu 245 bleu 282 Singe hurleur singe_2 calao iguane oiseau serpent tamanoir ara martin

Aquatic Animals

dauphin baleine tortue dauphin_2


bleu-310 DSC_1004 bleu-4 bleu-6 bleu-34 bleu-42 bleu 309 bleu 340

The beach at Atrevida

femme jardin maison pointe-plage paillote plage